Heroes from all worlds fight for dominance in the OverRealm!

2 Players   |   30 – 60 Minutes   |   Ages 12+

OverRealm is a two-player competitive card game where you choose a hero to battle your opponent’s hero. The one left standing is the winner. Turns are semi-simultaneous and feature a double-blind action-selection mechanic, so you can never be too sure what your opponent will do next, creating constant tension. Summon minions to exert your dominance and help your hero overthrow the enemy.


Meet the Heroes


Ghastis Brinnar cranks up the heat. Place ignite counters on your pyromaniac minions to unleash their fiery wrath.

Aurora Polaris sends icy chills down her opponents’ spines. Place freeze counters on enemy minions and watch them shiver and weaken.

Felix Sylkstaff breathes life into battle. Summon minions face-down as cocoons and hatch them to reveal their true potential.

Lilith Grimoire loves watching minions die…especially her own. Place blight counters on your abomination minions to make them stronger and eventually implode with terrifying results.

Wulfric Relogun is locked and loaded for combat. Hedge your bets to have one marine minion alt-fire, or win combat and have your best marines unload their militarized fury.

Vanessa Groovesong serenades her foes with vicious melodies. Choose whether to have your musician minions jam out and get stronger, or perform a solo for an unforgettable sound-wave blast.


Print-and-Play Downloads


In order to play OverRealm in print-and-play form, you will need:

  • card sleeves with cards already inserted in them (20 per hero)
  • around 24 tokens, split between two colors (pennies and nickels work great)
  • a couple d6’s for damage
  • 2d20’s for hero HP, but pen and paper also works fine

Rulebook PDF

Ghastis Brinnar PNP

Aurora Polaris PNP

Felix Sylkstaff PNP

Lilith Grimoire PNP

Wulfric Relogun PNP

Vanessa Groovesong PNP

Turn Card and Pressure Cards


OverRealm Survey


If you played OverRealm, I’d love for you to take a brief survey about your experience, found HERE.

Thanks for playing OverRealm!